Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawer Systems

Featuring a sleek design, high quality components, and the ability to create a fully customised system tailored to your requirements, the Outback Solutions range is the answer to all of your storage needs.

Completely modular; the range can be individually tailored to your needs and vehicle. Exclusive to ARB and suitable for many vehicles including wagons, utes, and trailers, this system can be used in non-vehicle applications such as sheds and warehouses.

Three types of modules are available, in a range of sizes, resulting in more than 200 possible configurations, all backed by a two year warranty.

Key Features

  • Engineered for both on and off road touring
  • Key lockable, push-pull slam shut latches for ease of use and maximum security
  • Long lasting, UV stable commercial carpet designed to complement modern vehicle interiors
  • Cross folded floor ensures maximum support for items placed within each unit
  • Vehicle specific side floor kit completes installation and reduces redundant areas within the cabin
  • Folded stainless steel runners for smooth drawer and slide operation
  • Self locking anti roll back system locks into place at full extension, removing the need for awkward locking pins
  • Modular units allow greater flexibility if needs change in the future

Roller Drawer

For convenient storage of items such as recovery equipment and clothing, the traditional style roll out drawer comes with a fixed top. This allows for additional modules to be stacked on top, or provides a flat surface for storing other, larger items.

The Roller Drawer is available in five sizes.

Roller Drawer with Roller Floor

The traditional style roll out drawer with a rolling top gives you plenty of storage space and allows a fridge freezer to be easily mounted on top, enabling it to be rolled in and out as required. Available in three sizes and unlike other products on the market, this module utilises a true flat floor.

Roller Floor

For convenient access to your car fridge, the low level roller floor sits only 140mm above the floor of your vehicle. Available in three sizes, it incorporates a storage tray underneath for smaller items, and like the larger drawers, utilises a flat floor for easy placement of other items when not carrying a fridge.

Cargo Barriers

In the event of emergency braking or a collision, the effects of having unrestrained cargo thrown forward can be catastrophic. For this reason, a cargo barrier is an essential piece of equipment in any 4WD wagon.

The Outback and Hayman Reese ranges provide vehicle occupants with a massive amount of protection from cargo items in case of an accident. Once the initial installation is complete, the cargo barrier can easily be removed if needed. Furthermore, many vehicles can have multi position fittings installed, enabling the barrier to be repositioned behind the various seats in multi row vehicles.

Note: Hayman Reese cargo barriers are not compatible with the range of Outback Solutions drawer modules.

Rear Rack and Divider

A great way to separate a fridge freezer from heavy or damaging items or simply to create more storage options within the vehicle. The divider and top shelf integrates quickly with an existing Outback Solutions half cargo barrier, mounted to an Outback Solutions drawer module. For flexibility, the divider and shelf can be removed should the need arise.